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You have stumbled upon the gateway to all of our creative endeavors. CineNiche specializes in horror as an art form. Sometimes we criticize, while other times we are creating works based on our favorite films. You can check our our Etsy shop, where we create personalized stencils for any occasion or film lover. You can also take a look at a Halloween themed children's book we recently published on Amazon titled THE MANY MASKS OF EDGAR SAM. As always, you can read our reviews and articles that appear on various websites. Have a look around and see everything we have to offer.


All Tomorrow's Parties - An American Werewolf In London - Audition - Battery, TheBurning, The - Cabin In The WoodsCaged Heat - CarrieCatfish - ContagionCornered - Dear Mr. Gacey - Digging Up The Marrow
Exorcist, The 
-  Fiend Without A Face - Fireworks Man -  From A Whisper To A Scream - Greenberg - Harry Brown  - He Knows You're Alone - Human Centipede: First Sequence - I Spit On Your Grave - In The Mouth Of Madness - It's Kind Of A Funny Story - Let Me In - My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? - Night Of The Demons (2009) -  Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) - Religulous - Return Of The Living Dead - Rubber - Silent Light - Survival Of The Dead - Suspiria - Taking Off - Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Vanishing On 7th Street -  We Are What We Are - Zombi 2


"If we do not find anything pleasant, at least we shall find something new." 


The Many Masks Of Edgar Sam
You can purchase my
children's book from Amazon.
Or maybe you're looking for some new decor for your home. Here are examples of our work:
All cut-outs available upon request.  The images featured here were all requested.  Please contact us for more information. Visit our Etsy store where we have a few remaining pieces or create your own custom order.  Email us at editor@cineniche.com



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